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PROTECTIVE MATERIALS TECHNOLOGY, S. A DE C. V. is a Mexican company leader in the manufacture of products that serve to protect the lives of law enforcement agents, we always seek to be the best through our values, our workforce, technology, our quality materials, optimal designs, our quality management systems and our vests and ballistic plates� certifications before the National Institute of Justice of the United States of America.

In PMT we have the ability to manufacture and trade various items related to the public and private security sector, with an extensive range of products of the best quality in the market, with the guarantee of our brand.

  • Manufacturers of armored vests and ballistic plates.
  • Manufacturers of anti-riot equipment
  • Manufacturers and distributors of diverse police equipment.
  • Manufacturers and distributors of equipment for patrol vehicles.
  • Suppliers for preventive and corrective maintenance to ballistic vests.
  • Distributors of civil protection equipment and firefighters.
  • Detectors distributors by "X" rays of: weapons, metals, explosives.


To manufacture and trade vests and ballistic plates in the security market, taking care that the products and services are of high quality, at competitive prices, invariably seeking the full satisfaction of our customers, and obtaining economic results that allow us to improve its profitability for the benefit of all interested parties in the organization.


Protective Materials Technology, S.A. of C.V. should be the most important vests and ballistic plates manufacturer in Latin America.


  • Certification N. I. J
  • Ballistic tests of accredited laboratory
  • Brand registration (IMPI)
  • Civil liability policy
  • ISO 9001:2015
  • BA 9000

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They provide wide protection in the thorax area, designed to provide the maximum comfort for daily use, the cover is made with high resistance fabrics for frequent use, humidity and solar radiation. They have compartments for ballistic panels; According to the needs of the client we have designs of 4 or 6 adjustment points. This vest has bags of 10 "x 12" ballistic plates in front and back to raise the level of protection.

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The vest for internal use is a protective garment to wear under the shirt, provides ample protection in chest, back and sides, it adapts perfectly to the thorax through external and internal adjustment points, level of protection III-A. Available in male and female versions.

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This type of vests has been designed to ensure maximum protection and comfort in the thorax, back, sides, neck, shoulders, biceps and groin, necessary for use in special operations both military and tactical, the cover is highly resistant to tearing and extreme weather conditions and if required it is manufactured with fire resistant fabric. There are available external or internal bags carrying ballistic plates to raise the level of protection.

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We have different vests designed for specific functions that may or may not contain ballistic protection.

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Manufactured to provide appropriate ballistic protection against warheads from long weapons, the ballistic plates are manufactured in levels III (ballistic polyethylene) or IV (ballistic ceramics)

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Manufactured in levels IIIA or III, designed with supports for subjection and suitable use, the shields can be equipped with light and bulletproof window.

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Manufactured to support firearms in level IIIA, designed with padded support and chin strap for its adjustment and subjection.

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Diverse Police Equipment

We have different items for the use of law enforcement agencies such as: Antigas masks, Hand cuffs, Fastetings, Uniformes, Anti riot shields, Boots.

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Vehicle Equipment

In PMT we have the experience for the equipping of patrols as well as the different vehicles that occupy the armed forces.

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Anti Riot Equipment

Designed so that the forces of the order can control the actions of unauthorized and disperse crowds, violent or any kind of manifestations.

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